BS in Physics and Quantum Computing


This program is designed to prepare for students in the fields of Quantum Information (QI) and Quantum Computing (QC).  The major consists of a core program of physics, computer science and QI/QC courses, with optional focuses to prepare for graduate studies in Physics or Computer Science. 

This major is jointly offered by the Physics and Astronomy and Computer Science Departments.  Students will take identical in-major work but must satisfy the general education requirements of their respective schools.  Please visit the undergraduate degree option pages for the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Computer Science Department to view course options and program requirements.

Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact the program's advising directors.


Graduation Requirements

PHYS 0174 & 0175 or 0475 & 0476
PHYS 0330
CS 0401
CS 0441
CS 0445
CS 0401
CS 0441
CS 0445
CS 0447
PHYS 0477
PHYS 1331
PHYS 1351
PHYS 1370
CS 1501
CS 1502
CS 1613
5 credits chosen among:
PHYS 0219
PHYS 0525
PHYS 1361
PHYS 1415
PHYS 1426
The requirement can be satisfied by one semester of directed research with a physics or CS faculty member, or a CS Capstone Project (CS 1980, CS 1981). Alternately, students may instead undertake an internship (this registration in CS 1900)
MATH 0220
MATH 0230
MATH 0240
MATH 0280/1180/1185
MATH 290/1270
In Physics: PHYS 1371, PHYS 1372, PHYS 1373
In Computer Science: 9 credits at 1500 level or above