Travel and Business

Travel and Business


University of Pittsburgh Policy 05-07-01: Travel & Business Expense Policy:
This policy covers University travel, business entertainment, honoraria, and miscellaneous reimbursable expenses. The full policy can be found here.

Federal GSA Policy Per Diem Guide:
The University recommends the use of per diem for in-travel meals. Actual meal expenses equal to or less than the Federal GSA Policy Per Diem Guide will be reimbursed without receipts.

Alcohol Guidelines: PDF


Pitt Faculty and Student Reimbursements

For all travel and business expense reimbursement requests, the T&B form is required, along with receipts.
Windows users – download the PDF to your computer before filling in the appropriate fields.
Mac users – download the PDF and open it in Preview to fill out the fields.

The form must include an account name or number and a signature of approval. Please note that fillable PDF forms are not officially supported on mobile devices. If your advisor is unable to add an electronic signature to the PDF, then an email of approval from them will suffice. 

Email the completed form to You can submit the receipts for expenses by:

  • Including them in the email to with the T&B form
  • Uploading them directly to Concur
  • Delivering them to the Travel and Business Coordinator in SRCC 200

Guest Reimbursements

Need to reimburse a guest? A completed form W-9 (US Citizen) or W-8BEN (Non-US Citizen) is required. Have the guest complete either form and deliver it in person to the Travel and Business Coordinator in SRCC 200. To protect the security of the information on the form, please do not email it!


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