Undergraduate Advising

Department Advising

Undergraduate advising is managed by Dr. Russell Clark.
email: ruc2@pitt.edu
office: 404 Old Engineering Hall
phone: (412)624-9204

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The Director of Undergraduate Studies is Dr. Michael Wood-Vasey.
email: wmwv@pitt.edu 
office: 320 Allen Hall
phone: (412)624-2751

The Undergraduate Coordinator, who gives permission numbers and may help you if others are unavailable, is Mary Weiher.
email: paugrad@pitt.edu
office: 100 Allen Hall
phone: (412)624-9068

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Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising

Arts and Sciences Undergraduate FAQ.

University Undergraduate Student Calendar.

For information about grades, transcripts, or enrollment procedures visit the registrar's office.