Artist in Residence Program

In the Fall term the Department of Physics and Astronomy invites proposals for Artist-in-Residence projects that respond to Physics and Astronomy research from creative visual arts and music composition perspectives. 

Artist residents embed themselves in the research lab/group to envision and produce a response that connects to the scientific research. Selected artists receive $500 at the end of the program. Reasonable material costs will also be covered. 

Selected students spend time each week with the research group, and create a unique work, body of work, composition, or set of compositions in response that is presented at an exhibition/performance at the end of the spring term. 


The 2017 Artists were: 

Musical Performances:
Kenneth Brown-Simulation No.1
{Professor Jeffrey Newman}
Brian Riordan-The First Wave
{Professor Arthur Kosowsky}
Gabrielle Rajerison-The Universe Offers No Conditionals: Poem
{Professor Carles Badenes}
Jessica Moore-As Light Leaves: Poetic and Imagistic Response to Astronomical Studies 
{Professor Andrew Zentner}
Sarah Thornton-Eudaemonia
{Professor Andrew Zentner}

The 2016 Artists were:

Laura Schwartz- System Cooling

Ryan McMasters-How to Drive a Qubit

Stephanie Taylor-Artistic Exploration of Astrophysics and Cosmology 

Sofia Sandoval-Experimenting with the Drawn Line: A Link Between Condensed Matter Research and Intaglio Printmaking 


Click here for information on how to apply for the 2017 competition