Cara Rossetti “In Stillness there is Certainty”

Cara Rossetti is a visual artist pursing a minor in studio arts in addition to a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. She denies the boundary between science and art as she believes they are often more alike than different. In both disciplines one is simply trying to rationalize and define their own existence. Despite the conflicting terms of practice in these arenas of self-understanding, both are often confronted with a cumbersome reality: the definition has just begun to be written. 

Perspective is often limited by a seemingly boundless frame. This idea was further explored through Rossetti’s conversations with Vittorio Paolone regarding dark matter, specifically neutrinos. This universe is composed of only five percent of the matter we know. Vastly abundant but ever elusive, neutrinos could provide insight into the potentially disruptive world of dark matter. “In Stillness there is Certainty” is defined by the location of the perceiver in space, much like the world of science is defined by the known.