Lily Klos-"Nanoscopic Collaboration"

Artwork By: Lily Klos

Lily Klos is a junior studio arts major and writing minor at the University of Pittsburgh.

For her piece, Klos focused on the use of the nanoscopic sketches done on “canvases” in the Jeremy Levy lab. These drawings done at such small scales are then carried on throughout intensive processes and hold the weight of their project. Interestingly, each canvas is recycled numerous times, going through each stage over and over again finding new information. Klos tried to capture the essence of the recycling of these canvases and how they contain so much on such a small scale. She also found that the discoveries in the Levy lab required a community; the people are a part of the process. They are the ones controlling the designs of these sketches; just as a painter controls the lines on a canvas with a paintbrush.