Taylor Hauskins-"Find Delta CP"

Artwork By: Taylor Hauskins

Captivated by the invisibility of particles and their constantly moving, changing, and repeating motions, Taylor Hauskins created an abstract painting to capture the type of energy found in neutrinos. Discussions with professor Vittorio Paolone led to uncovering his participation in The T2K Experiment, of which one goal was to measure the neutrino Charge-Parity (CP) phase for the first time. Further research led Hauskins to the symbol δCP, the angle that describes CP Violation in neutrino oscillations. Using a semi-transparent fabric to embody the character of particles, she repeated and overlaid this symbol a seemingly infinite number of times to represent the constantly oscillating neutrinos, and to comment on the frustration scientists might undergo when attempting to locate CP Violation. Hauskins is a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio arts, a minor in museum and a Certificate in Digital Media.