Jack Eschmann and Richard Trevino "Cosmic Web of Light"

Fascinated by the way dark matter shaped the creation and evolution of the universe, architecture students Jack Eschmann and Richard Trevino brought over spatial design techniques to create an engaging sculpture that captures these concepts of dark matter in the universe. Discussions with Andrew Zentner, PhD, and his research staff directed this fascination toward the research he conducted where he would simulate how dark matter formed the universe into the cosmic web we see today.

After creating their own simulation of the cosmic web using architecture-specific programs Rhino and Grasshopper and comparing that to Dr. Zentner’s own data, Eschmann and Trevino applied their architectural design strategies to a light fixture that used 3D-printed sections of the two simulations to manipulate the shadows to display on surrounding objects. This light fixture combines the compelling visual qualities of the cosmic web itself with complex spatial geometries to create an atmosphere of awe in its environment.

Eschmann is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture, and a minor in economics. Richard Trevino is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture.