Cullyn D. Murphy "realize a feedback loop"

The inspiration for realize a feedback loop comes from the Michael Hatridge lab's FPGA design for fast qubit measurement and real-time feedback. realize a feedback loop is a violin duo that takes a variety of disparate and seemingly related pairs of quiet gestural, timbral, and rhythmic motifs written with the goal to find common ground. Players are given a series of goal-oriented tasks that indicate how the music presents itself from performance to performance. This openness is meant to provide a framework for players to explore and adapt to potentially new ways of integrating. Each completed process serves to allow players not to simply assimilate but amplify.


Cullyn D. Murphy (b.1993) is a composer, conductor, vocalist, and educator from Champaign, Illinois. His music has been performed and commissioned by the Longleash Trio, Fifth House Ensemble, Line Upon Line Percussion, the Thompson Street Opera Company, New Music Gathering, New Music On the Point Festival, Illinois State University's Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Louisville University Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Enigmatic, Wm. Riley Leitch, and many others. Murphy's music has been described as “theatrical," "riveting and inventive,” and "push[ing] the idea of what music and musical organization is." (Composer's Toolbox) His music draws from his experiences of playing in rock bands, participating in theatre, and reluctantly singing in choir. Recently, Murphy has been focused on amplifying the already existent musical components of sight, taste, touch, and smell in order to gain access to different modes of storytelling through music.

​Murphy received his B.M.E. in Music Education-Choral and his B.M. in Theory/Composition from Illinois State University, M.M. in Music Composition at the University of Louisville where he was a recipient of the Bomhard Fellowship, and is currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh where he received the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Fellowship. In the fall of 2017, he co-founded AmiEnsemble (an experimental trio/composer collective) for whom he regularly composes, directs, and performs. His private studies include Roy Magnuson, Carl Schimmel, Martha C. Horst, Steve Rouse, Krzysztof Wolek, Eric Moe, Mathew Rosenblum, and Amy Williams.