A Downward Gape into Mellifluous Structures of Light

Hi, I'm Emerson Voss. I am a composer as well as a video and installation artist based in Pittsburgh. I am interested in the total experience of both performer and listener. Underlying my work is the knowledge that performance and listening are embodied, meaning that all of our senses can be engaged in an artistic experience. My work often intersects with theater and film. Recently, I have written works of musicked theater that highlight theater and music performance’s shared avenue to meaning-making—bodies in motion.

Come and experience “A Downward Gape into Mellifluous Structures of Light”! While prostrating on a massage table, peer into a fifteen-inch subwoofer cone full of opaque undulated water dynamically lit by surrounding light sources. And, through noise cancelling headphones, listen to a musical soundtrack interlaced with chopped and screwed audio of physicists being interviewed about light.

Faculty researcher: Rachel Bezanson
Artistic Advisor: Delanie Jenkins