Early Application to the Science Education Master’s Degree Program

Physics & Astronomy majors who are interested in becoming high school teachers may apply early to one of the three master’s programs below in the School of Education.  Our majors who apply during their junior and senior year will be informed of their admission status by early September of their senior year (instead of the following spring).  Applications from students not receiving early conditional admission will be referred to the regular application pool.  A representative of the School of Education is available to meet with interested students in the Physics & Astronomy Department each year.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
  • Instructional I Certificate
  • Master of Special Education with Academic Instruction Certificate (MOSAIC)


More information about these programs may be found here: http://www.education.pitt.edu/FutureStudents/TeacherCertification.aspx


Physics & Astronomy Department majors applying for early application into one of the Science Education Programs must meet all University of Pittsburgh School of Education’s admission requirements as described in the School of Education admissions information.  These admissions requirements include:


  • An overall minimum 3.0 grade point (required at time of admission and graduation).
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which are written by undergraduate instructors.
  • A 3-5 page statement that explains reasons for wanting to become a science teacher and the relationship of past science experiences with adolescents to these reasons.
  • A successful personal interview with representatives of the School of Education.
  •  Evidence of internships, volunteer work, or some form of engagement with students in schools or school-like settings in the field of science.


The Science Education Program will grant conditional admission for Physics & Astronomy majors each year contingent on their successful completion of all admissions requirements.


Physics & Astronomy Department majors who go through the early application process may be eligible for School of Education scholarships ranging from $500 to $7,000.  In addition, those who have graduated from Pittsburgh Public Schools may be eligible for additional scholarships, including full tuition Wood Scholarships.  All scholarships for Physics & Astronomy Department early application majors will be awarded by November 1st of their senior year.