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Cross Registration
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Cross Registration

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Undergraduate and Graduate students are eligible to Cross-Register for classes at any PCHE institution listed below. Most often, students will choose to register for a CMU course.

Cross-registration is available during fall and spring terms for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time before the addition of the PCHE course (9 credits for grads, 12 for undergrads). Students meeting these criteria are eligible to enroll in only one cross-registered course per term.  It is strongly recommended that students do not cross register in their term of graduation.

Cross-registration does not apply to part-time students or during the summer term at any of the PCHE institutions. In these cases, students would follow the "Temporary Transfer Student" procedure, agreed to separately by the PCHE institutions. These students are liable for all tuition and fees assessed by the other institution.

Universities available for cross-registration:

  • Carlow University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Chatham University
  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • Duquesne University
  • LaRoche University
  • Pittsburgh Technical College
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Point Park University
  • Robert Morris University

Cross Registration for a CMU Class

To find current CMU classes, you can check CMU’s class search and CMU's Class Schedule. These classes will often be listed as 9-12 units, but this is translated to 3-4 credits in our system.

There is not an additional tuition charge to cross-register, however you may be assessed course fees by the host institution. Academic policies will adhere to the university hosting the class (CMU Grading policies found here). It is the responsibility of the student's home institution to determine that the prerequisites for a class at the host institution have been met.

How to Cross-Register

To cross-register for a course, you’ll fill out the PCHE Cross Registration form. You will need only your signature and your advisor's signature, preferably via DocuSign. Once signed, send the form to the Graduate Administrator pagrad@pitt.edu, if you need uploaded to Docusign for signatures. Following signatures the form will get sent to asgrad@pitt.edu. Once processed, you’ll be manually enrolled into the class. This application does not guarantee enrollment in the requested course. You will be notified if you are unable to be enrolled into the selected course.

More information and instructions can be found on the Registrar’s page under “Cross Registration” and “Enrollment Forms” (sidebar). If you need additional help, you may contact the Undergraduate Coordinator (paugrad@pitt.edu) or Graduate Administrator (pagrad@pitt.edu).

Auditing A Course

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To audit a physics or astronomy course as an undergraduate or graduate student, you’ll need to register and pay tuition for the class normally, then fill out a Grade Option/Audit Request form with the instructor of the class. Students who audit a course are given an "N" grade, which means that the course is counted neither towards graduation nor GPA. This form is between you and your instructor to ensure everyone is on the same page when grades are due.

The deadline to audit a course is determined by the semester's Grade Option/Audit Form Deadline.

Late Add/Drop

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Adding a Course after the Add/Drop Deadline

If the Add/Drop period in the semester passed but you still need to enroll or swap into a course, submit an Enrollment Form. This form will need to be signed by your advisor and sent to the Dietrich School's Student Records Office at StudentRecords@AS.Pitt.edu to be processed. It's recommended to contact the instructor of the course you applied to enroll into so you can access course materials in the meantime.

Dropping a Course after the Add/Drop Deadline

Also see: Monitored Withdrawal Procedures

Dropping a course can affect your full-time student status. Consult with your advisor before making any changes.

Assuming the add/drop deadline passed, you still have some options:

  • Submit a Monitored Withdrawal Form. This would not refund tuition taken for the course. You would receive a "W" grade, which does not affect your GPA in any way. This form is submitted to the Student Records Office at StudentRecords@AS.Pitt.edu.

    Forms must be submitted by the Monitored Withdrawal Deadline for that semester.

  • Request a Late Drop. In some circumstances, you can ask for a course to be dropped from your transcript after the add/drop period. If you feel that your circumstances may qualify for a late drop, please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator at paugrad@pitt.edu.

    Circumstances may include emergencies that hindered your ability to take the course or situations where you were enrolled into the incorrect course without a sufficient chance to correct it. These are evaluated on a case by case basis and may require additional documentation, usually in the form of a letter that is signed by your instructor and submitted to an Assistant Dean. If you have any medical documentation or related documents, these may be helpful to include as well.

Please check to make sure that dropping a course will not interfere with your full time student status. If unsure, consult your advisor.