Undergraduate Poster Session 2017

Erick Brindock: "Jospheson Parametric Converter Saturation"

Gerardo Ayes: "Dark Matter Candidate: WIMP"

Grant McNamara: "Search for Rare Decays of Bs Meson at Belle Experiment"

Jessica Kroboth: "A Pipeline to Detect Variable Stars in Swift UVOT Data"

Mary McLaughlin and Ian Hefner: "Can Black Holes Really Die?"

Michael Kister: "Carl Anderson"

Nathan Truitt: "Is Technology Taking Our Jobs?"Nicholas Wertz: "Methods of Dark Matter Detection"

Nick Hopkins: "Building a Better Science Teacher"

Nicolette Kier: "Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey (J-PLUS) Observation"

Pablo Cuevas: "ATLAS Experiment at the LHC"

Sean Connors: "Tesla: A Guide of the Electrical Age"

Thomas Sephakis III: "Humanity's Future Among the Heavens"

William "Ben" Floyd and Victoria Huey: "Stellar Evolution"

XuHai Huang: "Study of DC Breakdown of Argon with Various Metal Electrodes" 

Gabriel Hofferman and Yutong He: " The Future of Space Exploration"

Nathanial Stodick and Brittany Coopersmith: "The Genie Project"