Zeynep Yasmemin Kalender



My research interest is improving students’ learning in introductory level physics courses, in particular underrepresented groups: female and ethnic/racial minorities. I am assessing students’ performance on standardized tests such as Force Concept Inventory at the beginning and end of the courses. In addition to learning gains, I am also working on students’ attitudes towards physics such as interest level, self-efficacy related to physics, their mindset view etc. to understand the underlying reasons for lack of diversity in STEM courses. Motivational attitudes can be a strong predictor for students’ learning and class participation. I focus on how students’ motivational characteristics change through Physics 1 and Physics 2 courses by gender and ethnic/racial groups. The results can inform educational researchers for future instruction and intervention to develop better and more effective learning tools that can boost minority interest in physics early on the course.





Graduate Advisor

Chandralekha Singh