Zehan Li

  • Graduate Student /2019-20 Graduate Student Mentor
Allen 200 Desk #10


Research Statement

I am interested in theoretical many-body physics. My current research studies is the intriguing phenomena in quantum gases at low temperature, with focuses on the Bose gases with high partial wave interactions (l>0). Unlike the traditional and well-studied s-wave interacting model (l=0), which is typically isotropic and stationary without external perturbation, the high partial wave interacting model exhibits a group of symmetries breakings and results in very unique properties, including internal finite momentum, anisotropic density profile, self-bounded states and even topological states. This perspective creates a much richer and more functional platform for quantum gas experiments to explore the Bose-Bose mixtures.

I am also interested in dynamical quantum systems. One current focus along this direction is the Schwinger model applied in quantum condensed matter. Its impressive instanton solutions provide the way to explore the dynamical procedure analytically. We wish to obtain more observables to bridge the gap between the experiments and theories.




Graduate Advisor

W. Vincent Liu