Shan Hao

  • Graduate Student
Allen 200 Desk #3


Research Statement


I am doing research in Optomechanics, a field where laser light is used to control the motion of mechanical vibrations, in our case in micrometer or nanometer scale resonators. The coupling between the photon and phonon can also be used to drain the energy from the mechanical system to reach quantum limits.


My current project focuses on high precision measurement beyond standard quantum limit. To achieve that, we make devices called phononic crystals, where the acoustic index of refraction is periodically modulated. This band structure separates the localized mode from others and increases the coupling between phonon and photon, while in the meantime suppressing the noise in both mechanical and optical system. To go beyond standard quantum limit, the correlation between the shot noise and its back action must be included. We expect such a high precision device might help us understand how dark matter particles interact with us and how gravity behaves at small scales.


Graduate Advisor

Tom Purdy