Rainer Johnsen

  • Professor Emeritus
115 OEH
(412) 624-9285 rj@pitt.edu


Experimental low–energy atomic collision physics, ion–molecule reactions, electron–ion and ion–ion recombination, atmospheric and astrophysical applications of atomic collisions.

Selected Publications

1. Collisional-radiative recombination of Ar+ ions with electrons in ambient helium at temperatures for 50 K to 100 K. Dohnal, P.; Rubovič, Kotric, T., A. Hejduk, M.; Plašil, R. Johnsen, R.  Glosík, J. , Phys. Rev. A 87, 052716 (2013)

2. Mutual neutralization of atomic rare-gas cations (Ne+, Ar+, Kr+, Xe+) with atomic halide anions (Cl-, Br-, I-)  Nicholas S. Shuman, Thomas Miller, Rainer Johnsen,  Albert A. Viggiano, Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 044304 (2014)

3. Three-body mechanisms in plasma recombination of H3+ and D3+ ions, Rainer Johnsen, EPJ Web of Conferences 84, 01003 (2015)

4. Flowing-afterglow Measurements of Electron-Ion Recombination of para-H3+ and ortho-H3+ Ions at Temperatures from 60 to 300 K. Michal Hejduk, Petr Dohnal, Peter Rubovič, Ábel Kálosi, Radek Plašil,  Juraj Glosík and Rainer Johnsen, Journal of Chemical Physics, 143, 044303 (2015)

5. Rydberg state, metastable, and electron dynamics in the low-pressure argon afterglow   Tsanko V. Tsankov, Rainer Johnsen  and Uwe Czarnetzki .  Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 24 (2015) 065001

6. Transport coefficients of He+ ions in Helium, Larry A. Viehland, Rainer    Johnsen, Benjamin R. Gray, and Timothy G. Wright, J. Chem. Phys. 144, 074306 (2016)

7. Stationary afterglow measurements of the temperature dependence of electron-ion recombination rate coefficients of H2D+ and HD2+in He/Ar/H2/D2 gas mixtures at T = 80 -145 K, Radek Plasil, Petr Dohnal,Abel Kalosi, Stepan Roucka,Rainer Johnsen, and Juraj Glosik, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 26,035006 (2017)