Mary Jane Brundage

  • Graduate Student
Allen 200 Desk #5


I am a third year Ph.D student studying Physics Education Research (PER). Student alternative conceptions can many times be a roadblock for students wanting build deeper understanding in upper-level classes. I am currently looking into using different conceptual surveys to recognize undergraduate students’ alternative conceptions and to find ways of address them. Some of the surveys I am using are the Energy and Momentum Conceptual Survey (EMCS), the Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism (CSEM), the Magnetostatics Conceptual Survey (MCS), the Symmetry and Gauss’s Law Conceptual Evaluation (SGCE), the Survey of Thermodynamic Processes and First and Second Law (STPFaSL), and the Quantum Mechanics Formalism and Postulates Survey (QMFPS).

Graduate Advisor

Chandralekha Singh