Malcolm Jardine


I am currently in the 6th year of my PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh, with expected graduation Fall 2023. I am a condensed theorist with experience in computational methods and materials science. I have experience conducting density functional theory calculations on solid state systems, with a focus on heterojunction interfaces and ARPES data comparisons. The materials simulated are to investigate systems properties relevant to topological quantum computing applications.

My calculations involve using PBE+U methods on large atomic systems, using a machine learned Bayesian machine algorithm to obtain the effective Hubbard U value. 

Additionally, I have experience simulating topological Majorana zero mode systems with focus on 1D semiconductor-nanowire/ superconductor platforms. I have conducted micromagnetic field simulations, using MuMax3, and combined the magnetic calculations with a tri-junction Majorana setup.

Mar. 2023


DFT paper: First Principles Assessment of CdTe as a Tunnel Barrier at the α-Sn/InSb Interface -

Majorana zero mode and micromagnetic calculation: Integrating micromagnets and hybrid nanowires for topological quantum computing -


Graduate Advisor

Sergey Frolov
Noa Marom




Graduate Advisor

Sergey Frolov