Jeremy Levy

  • Distinguished Professor
215 Allen Hall


Dr. Jeremy Levy is a Distinguished Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Founding Director of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (  He received an A.B. degree in physics from Harvard University in 1988, and a Ph.D. degree in physics from UC Santa Barbara in 1993.  After a postdoctoral position at UC Santa Barbara, he joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1996.  His research interests center around the emerging field of oxide nanoelectronics, experimental and theoretical realizations for quantum computation, semiconductor and oxide spintronics, quantum transport and nanoscale optics, and dynamical phenomena in oxide materials and films.  He is a Class of 2015 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow, a Fellow of the APS and AAAS, a recipient of the 2008 Nano50 Innovator Award, and the NSF Career Award.  He has received the University of Pittsburgh’s Chancellor’s Distinguished awards for research (2004, 2011) and teaching (2007).


  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2018
  • Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow (Class of 2015)
  • Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award (Senior), 2011
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2009
  • Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, 2007
  • Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award (Junior), 2004
  • NSF CAREER Award, 1997

Selected Publications

  1. Kitae Eom, Muqing Yu, Jinsol Seo, Dengyu Yang, Hyungwoo Lee, Jung-Woo Lee, Patrick Irvin, Sang Ho Oh, Jeremy Levy, Chang-Beom Eom (2021) Electronically reconfigurable complex-oxide heterostructure free-standing membranes. Science Advances,

  2. Briggeman M, Lee H, Lee J-W, Eom K, Damanet F, Mansfield E, Li J, Huang M, Daley AJ, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J (2021) One-dimensional Kronig–Penney superlattices at the LaAlO 3 /SrTiO 3 interface. Nature physics, :1–6. 

  3. Yang D, Hao S, Chen J, Guo Q, Yu M, Hu Y, Eom K, Lee J-W, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J (2020) Nanoscale control of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 metal–insulator transition using ultra-low-voltage electron-beam lithography. Applied physics letters, 117(25):253103. 

  4. Briggeman M, Tomczyk M, Tian B, Lee H, Lee J-W, He Y, Tylan-Tyler A, Huang M, Eom C-B, Pekker D, Mong RSK, Irvin P, Levy J (2020) Pascal conductance series in ballistic one-dimensional LaAlO3/SrTiO3 channels. Science, 367(6479):769–772. 

  5. Chen L, Sutton E, Lee H, Lee J-W, Li J, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J (2019) Over 100-THz bandwidth selective difference frequency generation at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 nanojunctions. Light: Science & Applications, 8(1):24. 

  6. Annadi A, Cheng G, Lee H, Lee J-W, Lu S, Tylan-Tyler A, Briggeman M, Tomczyk M, Huang M, Pekker D, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J (2018) Quantized Ballistic Transport of Electrons and Electron Pairs in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanowires. Nano letters, 18(7):4473–4481. 

  7. Pai Y-Y, Lee H, Lee J-W, Annadi A, Cheng G, Lu S, Tomczyk M, Huang M, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J (2018) One-Dimensional Nature of Superconductivity at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface. Physical review letters, 120(14):147001. 

  8. Pai Y-Y, Tylan-Tyler A, Irvin P, Levy J (2018) Physics of SrTiO3-based heterostructures and nanostructures: a review. Reports on Progress in Physics, 81:036503. 

  9. Cheng G, Tomczyk M, Tacla AB, Lee H, Lu S, Veazey JP, Huang M, Irvin P, Ryu S, Eom C-B, Daley A, Pekker D, Levy J (2016) Tunable Electron-Electron Interactions in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanostructures. Physical Review X, 6(4):041042. 

  10. Cheng G, Tomczyk M, Lu S, Veazey JP, Huang M, Irvin P, Ryu S, Lee H, Eom CB, Hellberg CS, Levy J (2015) Electron pairing without superconductivity. Nature, 521(7551):196. 

  11. Eckstein JN, Levy J (2013) Materials issues for quantum computation. MRS bulletin / Materials Research Society, 38(10):783–789. 

  12. Cheng G, Siles PF, Bi F, Cen C, Bogorin DF, Bark CW, Folkman CM, Park JW, Eom CB, Medeiros-Ribeiro G, Levy J (2011) Sketched oxide single-electron transistor. Nature nanotechnology, 6(6):343–347. 

  13. Irvin P, Ma YJ, Bogorin DF, Cen C, Bark CW, Folkman CM, Eom CB, Levy J (2010) Rewritable nanoscale oxide photodetector. Nature photonics, 4(12):849–852. 

  14. Cen C, Thiel S, Mannhart J, Levy J (2009) Oxide nanoelectronics on demand. Science, 323(5917):1026–1030. 

  15. Cen C, Thiel S, Hammerl G, Schneider CW, Andersen KE, Hellberg CS, Mannhart J, Levy J (2008) Nanoscale control of an interfacial metal-insulator transition at room temperature. Nature materials, 7(4):298–302. 

  16. Haeni JH, Irvin P, Chang W, Uecker R, Reiche P, Li YL, Choudhury S, Tian W, Hawley ME, Craigo B, Tagantsev AK, Pan XQ, Streiffer SK, Chen LQ, Kirchoefer SW, Levy J, Schlom DG (2004) Room-temperature ferroelectricity in strained SrTiO3. Nature, 430(7001):758–761. 

  17. Levy J (2002) Universal quantum computation with spin-1/2 pairs and Heisenberg exchange. Physical review letters, 89(14):147902. 

  18. Levy J (2001) Quantum-information processing with ferroelectrically coupled quantum dots. Physical review. A, 64(5):052306. 

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