Christian Farina

  • Graduate Student
OEH 219 Desk #3


My area of research is in non-perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD for short). QCD is the theory of quarks, the most elementary constituents of matter, and gluons, the massless force carriers. Non-perturbative QCD is used to describe how these particles interact to build all baryons and mesons (collectively known as hadrons), such a protons, neutrons, pions etc. QCD is a rich theory and besides the conventional hadrons it also predicts the existence of exotic states. These are particles that contain one or more massive, constituent gluons.

I am interested in a class of exotic hadrons known as hybrid mesons, mesons composed of a quark-antiquark pair and a constituent gluon. My main goal, under Dr. Swanson’s guidance, is to develop phenomenological models that can describe the mass spectrum, structure and decay modes of these yet-undiscovered hybrids. These models could soon be tested by the experimental programs started by the GlueX collaboration at Jefferson Lab and by the PANDA collaboration at FAIR, in Darmstadt, Germany.


Advisor - Early Years

Dr. Joseph Boudreau

Graduate Advisor

Eric S. Swanson