Brian Batell

  • Assistant Professor
401 Allen Hall
(412) 624-7565


My research is in the area of theoretical particle physics, with a focus on physics beyond the Standard Model. While the Standard Model provides a remarkably successful description of elementary matter and forces, it fails to address a number of outstanding conceptual and empirical mysteries, such as the naturalness of electroweak symmetry breaking, the strong CP problem, the nature of dark matter, and the origin of neutrino masses. I aim to address these problems by proposing new theoretical frameworks, confronting motivated models with new data, and devising novel experimental and observational strategies to test the Standard Model and search for new phenomena.  


Selected Publications

Thermal Dark Matter Through the Dirac Neutrino Portal, B. Batell, T. Han, D. McKeen, B. Shams Es Haghi, Physical Review D 97, no. 7, 075016 (2018)   

Relaxation of the Composite Higgs Little Hierarchy, B. Batell, M. A. Fedderke, L. T. Wang, Journal of High Energy Physics 1712, 139 (2017)

Indirect Detection of Neutrino Portal Dark Matter, B. Batell, T. Han, B. Shams Es Haghi, Physical Review D 97, no. 9, 095020 (2018)  

Dark Matter Search in a Proton Beam Dump with MiniBooNE, A. A. Aguilar-Arevalo et al. (including B. Batell) [MiniBooNE Collaboration], Physical Review Letters 118, no. 22, 221803 (2017)

Invisible decays in Higgs boson pair production, S. Banerjee, B. Batell, M. Spannowsky,  Physical Review D 95, no. 3, 035009 (2017) 

Muon anomalous magnetic moment through the leptonic Higgs portal, B. Batell, N. Lange, D. McKeen, M. Pospelov, A. Ritz, Physical Review D 95, no. 7, 075003 (2017)

Shedding Light on Neutrino Masses with Dark Forces, B. Batell, M. Pospelov, B. Shuve, Journal of High Energy Physics, 1608, 052 (2016)

Natural Heavy Supersymmetry, B. Batell, G. F. Giudice, M. McCullough, Journal of High Energy Physics 1512, 162 (2015)

Putting a Stop to di-Higgs Modifications, B. Batell, M. McCullough, D. Stolarski, C. B. Verhaaren, Journal of High Energy Physics 1509, 216 (2015)

Neutrino Masses from Neutral Top Partners, B. Batell, M. McCullough, Physical Review D 92, no. 7, 073018 (2015)

Probing Light Stops with Stoponium, B. Batell, S. Jung, Journal of High Energy Physics 1507, 061 (2015)

WIMPs at the Galactic Center, P. Agrawal, B. Batell, P. J. Fox, R. Harnik, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 1505, 011 (2015)

Graduate Advisor

Barmak Shams Es Haghi
Wei Hu
Amro Eldaw Babo Abdelrahim
Mudit Rai