Brian Batell

  • Associate Professor
401 Allen Hall


My research is in the area of theoretical particle physics, with a focus on physics beyond the Standard Model. While the Standard Model provides a remarkably successful description of elementary matter and forces, it fails to address a number of outstanding conceptual and empirical mysteries, such as the naturalness of electroweak symmetry breaking, the strong CP problem, the nature of dark matter, and the origin of neutrino masses. I aim to address these problems by proposing new theoretical frameworks, confronting motivated models with new data, and devising novel experimental and observational strategies to test the Standard Model and search for new phenomena.

Selected Publications

  • "Gravitational Waves from Nnaturalness," B. Batell, A. Ghalsasi, M. Low, M. Rai, Submitted to Journal of High Energy Physics, arXiv:2310.06905
  • "Keeping it simple: simplified frameworks for long-lived particles at neutrino facilities," B. Batell, W. Huang, K. J. Kelly, Journal of High Energy Physics 08 (2023) 092
  • "Dynamics of Dark Matter Misalignment Through the Higgs Portal," B. Batell, A. Ghalsasi, M. Rai, Accepted for publication in Journal of High Energy Physics
  • "Prospects for Exotic Higgs Decays to 4 Tau Leptons in Single and Di-Higgs Production at the LHC and Future Hadron Colliders," A. Adhikary et al. (including B. Batell), Submitted to Physical Review D, arXiv:2211.07674
  • "Heavy neutral leptons at the Electron-Ion Collider," B. Batell, T. Ghosh, T. Han, K. Xie, Journal of High Energy Physics, 03 (2023) 020
  • "Hadrophilic dark sectors at the Forward Physics Facility," B. Batell, J. L. Feng, M. Fieg, A. Ismail, F. Kling,  R. M. Abraham, Physical Review D 105 (2022) 7, 075001
  • "Thermal misalignment of scalar dark matter," B. Batell, A. Ghalsasi, Physical Review D 107 (2023) 9, L091701
  • "Renormalizable models of flavor-specific scalars," B. Batell, A. Freitas, A. Ismail, D. McKeen, M. Rai, Physical Review D 104 (2021) 11, 115032
  • "Discovering dark matter at the LHC through its nuclear scattering in far-forward emulsion and liquid argon detectors," B. Batell, J. L. Feng, A. Ismail, F. Kling, R. M. Abraham, Physical Review D 104 (2021) 3, 035036
  • "Inelastic dark matter at the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino Program," B. Batell, J. Berger, L. Darmé, C. Frugiuele, Physical Review D 104 104 (2021) 7, 075026  

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Postdoctoral Affiliates

Akshay Ghalsasi
Matthew Low
Arnab Dasgupta
Amit Bhoonah
Da Liu

Graduate Advisor

Wenjie Huang
Monica Leys
Swapnil Dutta