Brett Andrews

  • Research Assistant Professor
306 Allen Hall


My current research focuses on estimating photometric redshifts of galaxies using neural networks (w/ Biprateep Dey and Jeff Newman) and constraining hard-to-determine properties of our own Galaxy by studying its extragalactic analogs (w/ Catherine Fielder and Jeff Newman).

I am a core developer of Marvin, a data access, exploration, analysis, and visualization toolkit for the SDSS-IV MaNGA survey (w/ Brian Cherinka, Jose Sanchez-Gallego, and Joel Brownstein).

My Ph.D. research explored the growth and evolution of galaxies as traced by changes in the abundance of chemical elements in their gas (w/ Paul Martini) and stars (w/ David Weinberg and Jennifer Johnson). I developed a code called flexCE to make theoretical predictions for the chemical evolution of a galaxy over its lifetime.

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