Anthony H. Duncan

  • Professor Emeritus
400 Allen Hall
(412) 624-9054


My research centers on the theory of strong interaction of elementary particles based on interaction of quarks and gluons, now referred to as quantum chromodynamics. The solution of this theory (e.g. to extract masses and properties of strongly interacting particles such as mesons and baryons) requires intensive computer calculations which exploit the Feynman sum over histories approach to quantum theory as well as a discrete space–time representation of the quark and gluon fields in the theory ("lattice quantum chromodynamics").

Selected Publications

  • "Trace and Dilatation Anomalies in Gauge Theories," (with J. Collins and S. Joglekar), Phys. Rev. D16, 438 (1977).
  • "Asymptotic Behavior of Composite Particle Form Factors and the Renormalization Group," (with A.H. Mueller), Phys. Rev. D21, 1636 (1980).
  • "Convergence Proof for Optimized Delta Expansion: The Anharmonic Oscillator," (with H.F. Jones), Phys. Rev. D47, 2560 (1993).
  • "Properties of B mesons in lattice QCD," A. Duncan et al, Phys. Rev. D51, 5101 (1995).
  • "Electromagnetic Splittings and Light Quark Masses in Lattice QCD," (with E. Eichten and H. Thacker), Phys. Rev. Let. 76, 3894 (1996).