Amrita Purkayastha

  • Graduate Student
OEH 219 Desk #2


Research Statement

Superconductivity and ferromagnetism are two long range orders which are competing in nature. But when combined they can give rise to novel phenomena. With Conventional superconductors and ferromagnets the physics of Josephson junction(JJ) with a ferromagnetic weak link has been explored. But with the emergence of 2D TMD superconductors and the newly reported 2D magnets, it provides an interesting arena to explore interplay of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in VdW devices. My current research focuses on fabricating Josephson Junction with 2D superconductor and 2D ferromagnetic metal and perform low temperature characterization of these JJs to search for p junctions and spin triplet superconductivity.


Graduate Advisor

Sergey Frolov