Alysa Malespina


My name is Ly Malespina. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, working in Chandralekha Singh’s group. My interests in physics education research involve use of statistical models to gain a robust understanding of classroom inequities and how to improve them. My past and current projects involve:

  • Motivational factors, such as self-efficacy and intelligence mindset
  • Equitable assessment practices and test anxiety
  • Grade anomaly (i.e., grades that differ from a student’s GPA) and academic self-concept
  • The effect of same- and mixed-gendered group work on student outcomes
  • Tools that allow us to test complex, many-variable theories, such as structural equation modeling and machine learning

In the near future, I hope to continue work in understanding and fixing classroom inequities and working on tools to help students understand quantum mechanics. Long term, I am also interested in creating equitable learning environments for disabled students.

Before I came to the University of Pittsburgh, I received my BA in both Physics and Philosophy in 2018 from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.




Graduate Advisor

Chandralekha Singh