Abhishek Prakash

  • Graduate Student
Allen 300 Desk #12
(412) 648-9812 abp15@pitt.edu


My primary areas of research are Cosmology, BAO, galaxy evolution, target selection for spectroscopic surveys, and machine learning.  My research over the last five years focused mostly on modern spectroscopic surveys like SDSS-III/BOSS, SDSS-IV/eBOSS and DESI. I have contributed fundamentally toward the development of eBOSS by leading the LRG target selection effort. I established the mask of the survey through my extensive work on systematic effects and homogeneity of the target samples. For this work, I was awarded “Architect” status for SDSS-IV. Currently, I am leading clustering analysis to measure BAO in eBOSS LRG sample using photometric redshifts. In addition to the previous surveys, I am also working with the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration to develop machine learning algorithms for photometric redshifts. This is also adapted to estimate the importance of the depth of individual filters on large-scale structure studies. I have worked on data from space telescopes like HST, WISE, and Fermi-LAT, etc.

Graduate Advisor

Jeffrey A Newman