Undergraduate Poster Session 2018

The 2018 Undergraduate Poster Session was held on March 28th, 2018 at the O'Hara Student Center. Physics and Astronomy students displayed their posters of reserach they have been working on. 


Sarah Motz: "The Gain-Conversion Amplifier: Broadband Bi-Directional Amplification via Simulaneous Paired Parametric Drives"

Janvi Madhani: "The Occurence of Shadow Bands around a Total Solar Eclipse"


Jason Robinson: "Could Life Be Sustained in the Trappist-1 System?"

Joseph Shannon: "The Black Hole Information Paradox"


Michael Collins: "Proposed Explanations for the Ball Lightning Phenomenon"


Mathew Blaisdell: "The Physics of Vaping"


Thomas Nicholas: "Gravitational Wave Basics"

Kyle Speer: "Special Theory of Relativity: Four Dimensional Spacetime vs Three Dimensional Euclidean Space"


Mairead Heiger: "Candles in the Cosmic Wind: Lifetimes of Cepheld Variable Stars"


Dean Ivory: "An Introduction to Moore's Law"

Nicholas Corrado: "Search for New Particles with Belle"

Meghan Cilento: "Resolving the Properties of Type 1a Supernova Host Galaxies"

Aaron Miller: "Precise Measurement of the Muon Magnetic Moment"


Emily Harris: "Probing the Cosmos with Cherenkov Radiation"

Jospeh Griffith: "The Brachistochrone Problem"