Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Students attended Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)

Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Majors attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics on January 20th, 2019.

(Meghan Cilento, Mairead Heiger, Helena Richie, Janvi Madhani, Emily Harris, Vic Huey, Sarah Motz, Grace Chu, Maura Shapiro)

"I really enjoyed the panels/speakers and networking at CUWiP. The panelists and speakers opened my eyes to the multitude of fields that I could enter with my physics and astronomy degree, including fields I had never considered. Hearing the stories of women who just recently graduated and who went through the same process that I will go through gave me confidence to explore new options and connect with people outside of the projected path I made for myself. In addition, this conference provided new tools to help me build a professional network, and I look forward to following up with the people I connected with at the networking fair."-Undergraduate Major, Meghan Cilento



"What I found useful throughout the conference was the opportunity to listen to women who studied physics talk about their personal career paths and career options that extend outside of academia and research. Beyond the professional career advice and information, though, the focus on intersectionality, identity, and inclusion in the physics realm (and STEM as a whole) through workshops and roundtable discussions was the most interesting and exciting to me. I believe that if we want more women (and other racial, gender, etc. minority groups) to feel like they have just as much a place in scientific fields as cisgender white men, we have to have conversations about ways to respectfully and meaningfully engage with and include those demographics. We have to continue to work on making the field a better environment for people possessing identities outside of the majority. Finally, it was awesome to feel the camaraderie that comes with getting to be among a (for once, "large") group of intelligent and hard-working individuals."-Victoria Huey

Date :
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 14:15