SURF Seminar 2018


The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF) supports advanced undergraduate students carrying out research in our department. At this special seminar event, each fellow gave a short presentation describing their research activities during the summer. 


Shana Li, Oberlin College

Advisor: Prof. Adam Leibovich

Title: A New Method to Determine Black Hole Inspiral Motion


Joseph Nelson, University of Pittsburgh

Advisor: Prof. Steven Dytman

Title: Adding Binding Energy Correction to Pion Scattering and Absorption in GENIE Simulation


Juliana Sebolt, Allegheny College

Advisor: Prof. Jeremy Levy

Title: Creation and Testing of a Single Electron Transistor using an Agilent AFM 


Rachel Tao, Emory University

Advisor: Prof. Andrew Zentner

Title: The effect of WIMPs on stellar evolution

SURF Students: From Left to Right, Juliana Sebolt, Shana Li, Joseph Nelson, Rachel Tao 

Date :
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 09:00