Dr. Chandralekha Singh Named Special Assistant to Provost

In the past two weeks, Provost Ann Cudd has announced two new special assistants to her office to deal with very different topics. This includes Dr. Chandralekha Singh from the Physics and Astronomy Department.

In her new role, Singh will work to develop undergraduate and graduate programs in quantum science, convening a committee of faculty members from across the University who share interests in quantum science and contribute to our Quantum Science Initiative. 

Cudd said in her announcement that, “The importance of quantum science has emerged as a space that is key to Pitt’s academic and research portfolios.

"Pitt’s efforts in quantum science are distinctive strengths to build upon: to develop programs and create a robust learning environment, to build skill, to create and access, and to grow diversity and numbers of engaged students.”

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Date :
Friday, November 5, 2021 - 14:30