Distinguished SPS Chapter

The University of Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) has received national recognition, and has been named a “Distinguished SPS Chapter for 2014-2015.” The selection is based on an assessment of the depth and breadth of the activities conducted by our chapter.

The University of Pittsburgh Chapter of SPS is a student-led group started by Pitt's physics majors to encourage and assist students interested in physics to develop the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility that are essential to the advancement of science. The group's goals include stimulating interest in advanced studies and research in physics, helping the department to connect physics students with faculty members and research opportunities, and promoting public interest in and awareness of physics and natural sciences in general. Membership is open to any interested undergraduate student, faculty member or staff. The members of the group meet every Tuesday at 5:00 pm in 102 Thaw Hall over pizza (and they occasionally have cookies too, so you are very welcome to join)!