Awards Luncheon 2023

The Department of Physics and Astronomy held our annual Award Ceremony on April 6, 2023. Undergraduate and Graduate students were recognized for the awards they received this past year.

Graduate Awards:

The Myron P. Garfunkel Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching: Raees Khan and Monica Leys

The Andrew Mellon Pre-Doctoral Fellowship: Shuyang Cao and Motasem Elgamel

The Mary E. Warga Predoctoral Fellowship:  Kimika Arai

The Peter F.M. Koehler Predoctoral Fellowship: Alysa Malespina

Thomas Lain (Graduate):

  • Cullen Abelson
  • Motasem Elgamel
  • Mihir Khanna
  • Maria Mucci

The Departmental 3-Minute-Thesis Competition:

  • Mary Jane Brundage
  • Travis Court
  • Biprateep Dey

Undergraduate Awards:

The Halliday-Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research: James Keller
The Halliday Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Poster: Erin Stumbaugh

The Julia Thompson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Scientific Writing: Luke Docherty

Emil Sanielevici Undergraduate Research Award: Ethan Lilie

The Peter F.M. Koehler Academic Achievement Award Junior/Senior Level: Eli Ullman-Kissel
The Peter F.M. Koehler Academic Acheivement Award Sophomore/Junior Level: Jack McEver

Thomas Lain Essay Award(Undergraduate)

  • Gabrielle-Marie Cosmiano
  • Howard Malc
  • Stephanie Manasterski
  • Erin Stumbaugh

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees

  • Enzo Brandani
  • Ryan Coldren
  • Luke Docherty
  • Noah French
  • Ethan Lilie
  • Stephanie Manasterski
  • Sean O'Connor
  • Kevin Qoyawayma
  • William Ouligian
  • Eli Ullman-Kissel
  • Ameya Velankar
  • Ryan Young
  • David Zapata Soveranez

Graduating Undergraduate Students

  • Hind Albakri
  • Ansh Baxi
  • Ryan Coldren
  • Justin DeFrancisco
  • Liam Doyle
  • Emily Forsyth
  • Jacob Goldman
  • Morgana Iacocca
  • Ella Kane
  • Chelsea Mahaffey
  • Jack McEver
  • Connor Menzel
  • Sean O'Connor
  • William Ouligian
  • Adam Pundt
  • Kevin Qoyawayma
  • Hemil Ray
  • David Zapata Soveranez
  • Sofia Martinez Fortis
  • Hayden Orth
  • Zichen Wang
Date :
Tuesday, April 11, 2023 - 10:45