Artists in Residence Program 2018

The Artists in Residence Program was held on Friday, April 13th 2018.

Musical Performance: Devon Tipp "Solo" - Faculty Research: Dr. Sergey Frolov

(Cecilia Caughman: cello, Jess Weston: bass)

Reading: Heather Kresge "From the Background" -Faculty Researcher: Dr. Arthur Kosowsky

Artwork: Dennis Doyle and Pearl Galido "Searching for Resonance"-Faculty Researcher: Dr. Gurudev Dutt

Reading: Rebecca Martin "Massive and Newly Dead: An Act of Translation"-Faculty Researcher: Dr. Rachel Bezanson

Film: Jake Savitz "Aster"-Faculty Researcher: Dr. Michael Wood-Vasey 

Artwork: Lily Klos "Nanoscopic Collaboration"-Faculty Researcher: Dr. Jeremy Levy 


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