Science Revealed 2021: "Nothingness: So much to talk about!"

December 2, 2021 - 8:00pm

Science Revealed 2021: A Public Lecture Series

Science is more important in our society than ever before.  Science forms the basis for our technology, health care, transportation, and many other aspects of our daily lives; it even features in our politics and public policy.   This series will connect select researchers -- who have expertise in science and in communicating about science -- with members of the public interested in learning more about, and discussing, science.  How does science work?  How does science impact our lives?  What are the limitations of science?  Come to our sessions, and experience Science Revealed!

"Nothingness: So much to talk about!"

Words like “nothingness” and “empty space” may seem like simple concepts, referring to the complete absence of content. But in practice, these concepts have been topics of ongoing debate with important implications for our understanding of the universe.  This panel discussion and Q&A at this event, involving several leading Pitt experts as well as our distinguished visitor James Owen Weatherall (author of the popular book Void: The Strange Physics of Nothing), will reveal in publicly accessible terms some of the complications and interesting ideas that arise when we try to get a grip on…nothing.  What is (or is not) really out there? What are its properties? What shape does it take? Join us to find out a lot about nothing!

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Location and Address

This event is presented in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science and is free and open to the public. Please register to receive log in information for this Zoom Webinar event.