PhyAst Colloquium: Ludi Miao, Cornell University: “Controlling magnetism in strongly correlated oxide thin film devices”

July 5, 2022 - 11:00am

 “Controlling magnetism in strongly correlatedoxide thin film devices”

Abstract: Over the past years, novel magnetic phenomena in strongly correlated materials have garnered tremendous attention for their huge implications in information storage and logic technology applications. At the heart of this theme, lie two engineering challenges: the manipulations of magnetic anisotropies as well as topology in the electronic band structures. Due to the lack of accessible controlling parameters, these manipulations have been challenging and indirect.

In this talk I will present our studies on manipulating the magnetic anisotropies and the band topologies in strongly correlated ruthenate thin film devices, using local lattice deformation induced by chemical doping. Combining nanofabrication, magnetotransport, local structural analysis using scanning transmission electron microscopy as well as first principle calculations, we found that the abrupt change in oxygen octahedral rotation patterns in the lattice structures plays a key role. These results not only construct important insights in engineering magnetism in strongly correlated oxides but also provide an ideal platform for all-oxide magnetic device applications.

Ludi Miao
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics,
Department of Physics
Cornell University

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