Astro Lunch: Dustin Nguyen (OSU)

May 13, 2022 - 11:00am

Physics and observational characteristics of mass-loading and non-spherical divergence in hot galactic outflows

Galactic winds are important to the process of galaxy evolution. Despite their importance, the physics of launching multi-phase galactic outflows remain ambiguous. Both recent 3D global galactic wind simulations and observations of the starburst galaxy M82 reveal radial temperature and density profiles that fall off slower than that predicted by simple spherical expansion. I will show how the inclusion of both mass-loading and non-spherical flow geometries in 1D galactic wind models can help explain these trends and discuss the observational implications. I will present a suite of Cholla simulations that test these 1d models and their time-dependent stability. Finally, I will show preliminary work on the morphology of hot, rapidly cooling winds driven by starburst rings, motivated by star-forming structures seen at the inner Lindblad resonance of spiral galaxies with nuclear starbursts.

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321 Allen Hall
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