Astro Lunch: Benjamin L'Huillier (Yonsei University)

January 28, 2021 - 3:00pm


Constraining the Concordance Model of Cosmology with the Large-Scale Structures

Despite great predictive power and its successes in the last decades, the concordance LCDM cosmological model suffers from both observational (H0 tension, ....) and theoretical issues (nature of dark energy, dark matter, inflation,…). Therefore, it is important to further test the model and its underlying hypotheses. In this talk, I will discuss how the study of the large scale structures can help shed light on some fundamental questions such as the nature of dark energy, gravity, or the early Universe, in the context of a new generation of survey such as Euclid, DESI, or LSST. I will focus on two different aspects: (i) modeling the nonlinear regime of structure formation through N-body simulations, in particular beyond LCDM, and (ii) applying advanced statistics, in particular model-independent methods, to state-of-the-art cosmological data to test different aspects of the concordance such as the metric, gravity, or the nature of dark energy.

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