Equity and Inclusion Reading Group

The Equity and Inclusion Reading Group is a student-led forum to have respectful, meaningful conversations about issues of equity and inclusion in physics. We aim to meet monthly, with discussions that are grounded in current and relevant literature on this important topic.


Meetings for Fall, 2019


Thursday, September 26 at 4:00 in 219 Allen Hall


Why we need to keep talking about equality in physics (Wade and Zaringhalam, 2019)


Thursday, October 24 at 4:00 in 219 Allen Hall


Reading TBA


Thursday, November 21 at 4:00 in 219 Allen Hall


Reading TBA


Guiding Principles


  1. What distinguishes us from the excellent affinity groups in the department (Women and Minorities in Physics at Pitt and Pitt Physics Pride) is that this group is primarily devoted to listening, developing understanding, and learning to speak about the literature and lived experiences of people associated with equity and inclusion in STEM. 

  2. Issues of equity and inclusion are complex, and so we seek understanding in quantitative, qualitative, and narrative work; from authors and experts in their fields; and through the lived experiences of others.

  3. While our focus is on scholarship, we acknowledge that justice in issues of equity and inclusivity requires action. We resolve to be part of the solution.

  4. We acknowledge that talking about these topics is difficult, especially for members of traditionally-marginalized groups. Above all else, our group is committed to mutual respect and protecting the well-being of participants.




The Equity and Inclusion Reading Group is inspired by TAMIA, the Access Network, and similar efforts at Stanford, Cornell, and Colorado. The current facilitator is Danny Doucette (dad173@pitt.edu).