ASTRON 0088: Stonehenge to Hubble

Astron 0088
Credits: 3

This is a self-contained course for students not majoring in the physical sciences. Lectures focus on practical astronomy and provide a historical perspective of our place in the Universe. Phenomena that can be readily observed with the unaided eye or a small telescope are discussed. The historical perspective starts with the earliest views, and discusses scientific discovery as a process leading up to the modern idea of the expanding Universe of galaxies. Part of this course includes the requirement of one evening "field trip" to the University of Pittsburgh's Allegheny Observatory. The purpose of these trips will be to tour the facility and, if possible, make observation with a telescope. On any one evening only a small fraction of the class will make a trip, so it should be possible to accommodate the students' evening schedules. Nominally, the trips will take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Bus transportation from the Oakland campus to the Observatory will be provided. A small percentage of the course grade will be based on participation in these field trips.

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Carlos Badenes2019-2020SpringSyllabus: DL