APAGS Announcements

The Association of Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students, or APAGS, serves two main purposes: as a voice in the department for the graduate students and as a center for social activities within the department.

APAGS serves to entertain and educate graduate students in our department.  We try to hold approximately one party each semester.  In the past, these parties have varied from Halloween and Christmas parties to frequent beer and pizza get-togethers. Occasionally gatherings are also held to help first and second year graduate students mingle with more senior students to discuss topics such as teaching and getting into research. The events are held in a central location for the department and we often encourage the faculty and staff to join us.


  • Career Day - Exploring Industry
  • WISE GSO (Women in Science and Engineering Graduate Student Organization) Monthly Meeting
  • Title IX Presentation for graduate students in 3rd year and above.
  • Research Integrity Presentation for graduate students in 3rd year and above - Dr. Craig Wilcox, Research Integrity Officer.
  • Graduate Research Mixer
  • 3MT Competition
  • Visit Weekend for prospective graduate students (Typically March)
  • End of term social gathering
  • New Graduate Student Orientation (Typically August)

Each Wednesday the department supplies bagels and donuts for the 4:00 PM departmental coffee hour. The coffee hour and the parties are great ways to get to know your fellow graduate students as well as the faculty members and staff.
NOTE: Coffee Hour has been postponed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

APAGS Leaders

Sonja Cwik and Travis Court

Past Announcements

Past Leaders

Year President Co-President
2019-20 David Setton Xianyi Wu
2017-19 Olivia Lanes David Perrefort
2016-17 Kara Ponder Zhuoni Qian