Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers two Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) programs.

Peer Tutor UTAs

Eligible students can be invited by the department or recomended by their instructor for a position as a UTA Peer Tutor. These UTAs provide tutoring to undergraduate students taking introductory level physics courses and assist the faculty as they teach these courses. UTAs are often available in PHYS 0110, 0111, 0174, 0175, 0475, and 0476.

If you passed one of these courses with a "A" or higher, you may be eligible for a UTA Peer Tutor position. UTAs receive 2 credits for their participation.

Guidelines for UTAs

Schedule for UTA Office Hours

Resource Room UTAs

Eligible junior and senior students can be invited by the department for a position as a UTA for the Resource Room. Much like with the UTA Peer Tutor program, UTAs for the Resource Room will assist students with questions regarding their Physics and Astronomy courses. These students, however, are not directly tied to a course; instead, they tutor undergraduates alongside Graduate Teaching Assistants.

There are currently no Resource Room UTA positions available due to COVID-19 (as of Spring 2022).

Guidelines for the Resource Room

Other Resources

UTA Resource Room: 304 Old Engineering Hall (OEH)

Mary Weiher
Undergraduate and Outreach Coordinator 
100 Allen Hall

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