Jeffrey A Newman


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My research interests focus on the evolution of galaxies and the Universe over the last 8 billion years, primarily using deep, multiwavelength datasets from the DEEP2 and DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Surveys and the AEGIS (All–Wavelength Extended Groth International Survey) collaboration. I am also working on developing new techniques for future projects such as LSST (the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) and DESI (the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument) that will study the nature of Dark Energy in detail. I serve as the Deputy Spokesperson as well as the co-Convener of the Photometric Redshifts Working Group of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration, and am the University of Pittsburgh's representative to the LSST Corporation Board, the AURA (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy) Board, and the DESI Institutional Board.

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Advisor - Early Years

Marc Davis



Graduate Advisor

Timothy Licquia
Abhishek Prakash
Dritan Kodra
Catherine Fielder
Rongpu Zhou