Antonio Villarreal


Allen 300 Desk #6
(412) 648-9812
Graduate Student


"The purpose of my research with Andrew Zentner is to work on providing better statistical and theoretical understanding of questions in cosmology that inhibit our ability to make accurate and unbiased determinations of the cosmological parameters that define our universe. To date, we focus our efforts on two major questions. The first is the study of how the definition of a halo radius impacts measures of assembly bias in the halo clustering. We show that assembly bias is both highly mass dependent and halo definition dependent, implying that the most commonly used halo definition with low measures of assembly bias at high mass is not physically fundamental, but instead coincidental. In a second project, we utilize simulated data from the CosmoLike software framework in order to carry out a likelihood analysis of potential LSST galaxy shear-shear power spectra. Using this framework as a baseline, we are working toward creating blinded test suites in order to determine potential biases due to baryonic physics or unforeseen systematics. We aim to introduce new techniques to see if biases can be removed from the data to make for a more accurate determination of the cosmological parameters of interest, testing these techniques on blinded mocks to avoid confirmation bias."

Graduate Advisor

Andrew R Zentner